Al-Abbasi Enterprises

Company Profile
العباسي انتربرائزز
(Overseas Employment Promoter)

Company Introduction

 As one of the pioneers in recruitment, Al Abbasi Enterprises (Overseas employment promoter) came into existence on 22nd Feb 1988.
During all these years we gained more and more richer experience to cater the demands of next generation developments occurring majorly in
the Middle East and specifically Saudi Arabia.

AAE became the leading recruiter over the years and recruited enormous manpower for reputable organizations/corporate entities. Undoubtedly
Pakistan is blessed with one of the best human resources and AAE being the top recruiters is committed to HIRE and locate the best resource for the right job.

We kept it simple over the years and delivered the most competitive and suitable candidates including highly skilled, skilled, semi-skilled and
unskilled to more than 50 Organizations.

Corporate Philosophy

Al Abbasi Enterprises was incorporated in 1988 as overseas employment promoter having a fair thought of “Right man for the Right place on the
Right job”.

Starting from then we never looked back, through hard work and support of highly motivated professional team we expanded all over the country to become a success story in later years as an overseas recruitment promoter. Our mission is to eradicate unemployment from our beloved homeland and contribute or share in its development by providing our valued clients with appropriate and most suitable candidates as per requirement.

Over the years we earned the trust of our clients and became a reliable staffing agency which understands its client’s requirements and creates tailor made solutions for them. AAE is committed in being sincere, honest and effective for overseas employers and serves as their true recruitment consulting partner in

Training for better Opportunities

Through our network of associate companies, we offer trade-center training to the local population on a large scale. Our extensive training centers conduct courses for a variety of vocations, from electro-mechanic trades to masonry and civil skills as well as providing safety training.

Training for better Opportunities

The courses are available to anyone who wishes to upgrade their skills and explore new work opportunities. All training is provided at little to no cost to encourage participation and improve the quality of life of people

Recruitment Services & Solutions

Selecting, attracting and retaining high quality manpower is one of the greatest challenges faced by a company, AAE offers recruitment and staffing solutions at all levels of the organization.

A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradise


It is the Managers and senior executives who, more than anything else, drive the success of an organization. AAE assists you finding the candidates with right skills and experience who are fit to take on the role of senior and mid-level managers.

Whatever the level of skill and experience you require, the right person for the right job is out there. And our job is to help you find them.

Staff Recruitment

It takes a strong team of support staff to keep an organization running smoothly. 

From secretaries and accountants to sales & marketing personnel and admin
staff, these people play a crucial role in the day-to-day functioning of business. 

AAE ensures you find well trained and competent people to fill these important roles in your company.

From publicizing open positions to screening cv’s and helping you interview and select the very best of the available candidates. AAE is by your side
throughout the hiring process.

Manpower Recruitment


$ 3.00

The recruitment of skilled, unskilled and semi-skilled workers is a challenging task that takes a highly specialized company to conduct effectively. It requires extensive International reach, the means to assess and select the right workers, and the scale to handle large numbers of results effectively.

AAE takes

pride in its vast network, huge databank of candidates, in addition we have access to large testing facilities and experienced technical examiners so that candidates skills and abilities can be objectively tested on-location before selection.

AAE has also

$ 7.00

setup training centers for workers where they can take courses or practice and hone their skills to match the requirements and expectations of employers. Our expert training staff has many years of experience working in the GCC, Which allows them to provide excellent theoretical and practical training.

Expertise across Industry Verticals

> Construction > Infrastructure > MEP contracting > Architecture > Oil & Gas > Steel > Landscaping Manufacturing > Transportation > Services > Airport > Sales & Marketing > Retail > Hospitality > Hospital & Health > Education > Telecommunication > IT > Banking & Finance

Headhunting & Staff Recruitment Process

Visa Processing

One of our services in recruitment is visa processing of
pre-selected candidates or ex-employees as advised by
our dear client.

The employer instructs its employees requiring visa for Middle East to contact AAE or provides us a list of its employees to be deployed. We contact the employees/candidates and guide them further regarding the documentation and all the necessary steps that need to be taken for obtaining work visa.

The Employer authorizes AAE with Visa for its said employee and AAE guides the employee towards Medical examination, getting medical fit report and Bio-Metric verification. Then the passport is submitted in the local consulate along with all the necessary required documents. Once the visa is stamped, it is then submitted to the protector of Emigrant rights Authority.

Furthermore on request of the candidate, the ticket for deployment to the job site is reserved and the candidate is informed accordingly.

All this procedure usually takes 8-10 working days.

AAE guarantees every selected recruit on three key counts so that employers may be sure of the investment they make. In case of any following conditions are not met within Three months of hiring, AAE Will replace the employee.

The AAE Guarantee

The employee will arrive on time and be capable of performing all duties* as per the job description. * Professional Fitness is guaranteed for all manpower selected directly by AAE, if a selection is made by the client, then assessing skills is clients responsibility.

1. Professionally FIT

The candidate will PASS the government medical test and be FIT to perform his/her role.

2. Medically FIT

The recruit will be able and willing to perform all duties as stated on the Agreement.

3. Ability to work

Even after the Three months guarantee period has passed, AAE continues to work closely with the client and the staff to ensure that any concerns or issues between both parties are settled quickly and smoothly.

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    Other Services

    AAE goes beyond manpower recruitment and supply to bring you professionally managed HR services that are essential to happy and productive workers. We take the burden off your shoulders so that you can focus on what you do best.

    Human Resource Services

    HR Consultancy

    * Preparation of Employee manuals. * Preparation of compensation grids & policies. * Preparation of Job Description. * Preparation of various HR Policies & procedures.


    Through our training facilities, AAE brings a range of professional courses and certifications in a variety of disciplines for staff from international safety certifications and vocational courses to industry specific specializations and management training for senior staff.

    Health Safety & Environment

    Conscientious Company

    AAE is conscientious company that believes Personnel health, safety and Environment are the joint responsibility of all parties.

    Ensure Valuable Recruit

    We take every possible step to ensure that these key values are observed at all times within our organization as well as by the people we recruit.

    Close with our Clients

    We work closely with our clients to make certain that the workforce is fully informed and updated on all key safety and environmental issues, so that together we may work towards incident and injury free projects and a cleaner, greener planet.