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As one of the pioneers in recruitment, Al Abbasi Enterprises Overseas employment promoter came into existence on 22nd Feb 1988. During all these years we gained more and richer experience to cater the demands of next generation developments occurring majorly in the Middle East and specifically Saudi Arabia.
Al Abbasi Enterprises became the leading recruiter over the years and recruited enormous manpower for reputable organizations/corporate entities. Undoubtedly Pakistan is blessed with one of the best human resources and Al Abbasi Enterprises being the top recruiters is committed to HIRE and locate the best resource for the right job.
We kept it simple over the years and delivered the most competitive and suitable candidates including highly skilled, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled to more than 50 Organizations.

Al-Abbasi Enterprises


Human Resource

This department consists of highly skilled and expert employees having vast experience in short listing of candidates, calling and interview/test scheduling with the candidates, correspondence with the employers’ and follow up of the recruitment process.
A large pool of more than 50,000+ resumes of highly skilled, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled candidates are readily available with us and just
a phone call away.


Whether it is an advertisement in a newspaper, social network sites, telephonic marketing or through banners, our Marketing specialists have remarkable experience, ideas and effective execution.
This department is highly active and corresponding with most of the organizations of Middle East (especially KSA) to enhance our business and bring in new employers

Information Technology

Our IT department has developed an excellent and active software through which the short listing of candidates can be done within no time. By just entering a few details of the requirement our smart software is capable of short listing the exact matching and specified candidates within the blink of an eye.Also our specialists our managing the official website and other social networking accounts.

Trade Testing

As leading manpower consultant we provide various solutions to our valued clients.

One of our services in recruitment is visa processing of pre-selected candidates / nominated candidates or returning candidates as advised by our dear client.
The employer instructs its employees requiring visa for Middle East to contact Al Abbasi Enterprises or provides us a list of its employees to be deployed. We contact the employees/candidates and guide hem further regarding the documentation and all the necessary steps that need to be taken accordingly
for passport submission in the embassy.

The Employer authorizes Al Abbasi Enterprises with E-Wakala (Visa) for its said employee and Al Abbasi guides the employee towards Medical examination, getting medical fit report and Bio-Metric verification. Then the passport is submitted in the local consulate along with all the necessary required documents. Once the visa is stamped, it is then submitted to the protector of Emigrant right Authority.

Furthermore on request of the candidate, the ticket for deployment to the job site is reserved and the candidate is informed accordingly.

All this procedure usually takes 8-10 working days.


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We kept it simple over the years and delivered the most competitive and suitable candidates including highly skilled, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled to more than 50 Organizations.

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