Al Abbasi Enterprises

Visa Processing


As leading manpower consultant we provide various solutions to our valued clients. One of our services in recruitment is visa processing of pre-selected candidates / nominated candidates or returning candidates as advised by our dear client. The employer instructs its employees requiring visa for Middle East to contact Al Abbasi Enterprises or provides us a list of its employees to be deployed. We contact the employees/candidates and guide hem further regarding the documentation and all the necessary steps that need to be taken accordingly for passport submission in the embassy. The Employer authorizes Al Abbasi Enterprises with E-Wakala (Visa) for its said employee and Al Abbasi guides the employee towards Medical examination, getting medical fit report and Bio-Metric verification. Then the passport is submitted in the local consulate along with all the necessary required documents. Once the visa is stamped, it is then submitted to the protector of Emigrant right Authority. Furthermore on request of the candidate, the ticket for deployment to the job site is reserved and the candidate is informed accordingly. All this procedure usually takes 8-10 working days.